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Selah February 28, 2011

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I had a wonderful time last night at the Selah concert in downtown Baton Rouge.  My friend Kayce and I went to the concert together. We had trouble getting there because there was also a Mardi Gras parade downtown last night.  Every other road was closed! We finally made it, though! 

The Easton’s 1897 Bible Dictionary defines selah as a word frequently found in the Book of Psalms, and also in Hab. 3:9, 13, about seventyfour times in all in Scripture. Its meaning is doubtful. Some interpret it as meaningsilence” or “pause;” others, “end,” “a louder strain,” “piano,” etc. The LXX. render the word by daplasma i.e., “a division.”

Selah…the idea of a break…a pause.  I think we all need selah in our lives!  The word is frequently seen at the end of a line in a Psalm…a break before the next line.  In our lives we go through various seasons.  Some of us are ending a particular season and others are beginning a new one.  It is important to reflect before jumping into new things.  What was I to have learned from what I have just been through?  What is God preparing me for now?  We sometimes jump from one thing to another without ever really considering the bigger plan.  I am reminded that too often I am like a hamster on the wheel…spinning and spinning, but going nowhere.  Could that be because I don’t rest or pause enough to see where I’ve been and evaluate where God’s leading next?  hmm.


From Hitchcock’s Bible Names Dictionary (late 1800’s) [hitchcock]:


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